floppy installer for CentOS 5.4

The fact that CentOS floppy installers do not exist is well-known. If we cannot use the cd/dvd installaton or pxeboot installation, we have to use loadlin or grub for the PC on which other Linux distribution, other CentOS version or Windows is installed. These methods are pretty difficult.

However, I modified the Fedora floppy installer and made an Floppy installer for CentOS 5.4 (i386 and x86_64 versions). When you use this installer, you can boot CentOS installer and will install CentOS via network.

floppy installer(i386 version) CentOS-5.4-i386-fi.tar.gzmd5sum.txt

floppy installer (x86_64 version) CentOS-5.4-x86_64-fi.tar.gzmd5sum.txt

If you use this installer, you have to make the first floppy disk writable. If your PC is too old to support ACPI and the installer does not work well, then you may succeed in installation by modifing the ubnutu.bat file in the first floppy disk as follows.

loadlin linux initrd=initrd.gz -> loadlin linux noacpi acpi=off initrd=initrd.gz

If there is any comment, please write it at my diary.

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Last-modified: 2009-11-01 (日) 16:54:41 (3493d)