TwiJunkie for twitter

Application that can boot the twitter client automatically at a specified interval time.
Now it supports only Twicca.
The method of notification is tone, text-to-speech and vibration when the twitter client boots. You can select them.
Rather than booting the twitter client by using th alarm at regular intervals simply, this application does boot the twitter client by monitoring the system log. When you finish viewing by the twitter client, this application opens the specified time, and rings the alarm, boots the twitter client automatically.
The url in Android market is market://search?q=pname:com.sarltokyo.twijunkie. The url when accessed from PC is
[Caution]: It supports a notice by text-to-speech, but the text-to-speech of Android does not work occasionally.

Free version released. Jan 15, 2012

The free version of TwiJunkie was released. Its url is

QR Code:

Trial version released. Sep 20, 2011

The trial version of TwiJunkie was released. You can use it for 31 days. Its url is

version v1.0.1 released. Dec 20, 2011

Bug fix.

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